Sawaguchi is located in Agematsu Town, Minami-Shinshu in Nagano Prefecture. This is a location in the mountains known as a major producing area for timber. Coexistence with nature in life has been passed down through the generations here. We live life in our ancestral mountains while continuing to protect the connections between people and nature. We provide life distinctive of an old Japanese-style house, handmade cuisine made with seasonal ingredients and wholehearted services with a welcome by a countryside family. Please experience nature and heal your daily tiredness to your heart’s content in a space where you can feel the connections between people. We always look forward to welcoming back guests.

  • ※Please understand that we can only speak Japanese.
  • ※Please understand that there are no convenience stores or restaurants in the area around our inn.

Minshuku Sawaguchi
5462 Ogawa, Agematsu-machi, Kiso-gun, Nagano,399-5607
TEL:+81(0)264-52-3422 / FAX:+81(0)264-52-3492
Check-in: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. / Check-out: Until 10 a.m.

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We serve traditional cuisine of Kiso and creative cuisine made with plenty of wild game (deer, wild boar, bear, wild duck, and other wild birds and animals) caught in the countryside and ingredients produced in Shinshu. Please enjoy traditional cuisine that is hard to find in this convenient age. We have classic popular dishes, but we hope that you will also enjoy ingredients and arrangements that allow you to feel the season.



This is an upgraded course that allows you to enjoy wild game produced in Shinshu and Kiso in both a robatayaki and nabe. You can have fun wondering what you will eat because the ingredients change depending on what is caught at that time.


This is a course centered on a robatayaki. You can choose your meat from wild game produced in Shinshu, Shinshu premium beef, SPF pork and gitaro game fowl. In addition to meat, we also stick locally produced vegetables and mushrooms onto the skewers. In particular, taro you can eat by dipping in our homemade miso mixed with mustard sauce is popular with our regular guests.


This is a nabe course you can enjoy while sitting around the irori (sunken fireplace). Please choose your meat from wild game produced in Shinshu (bear, wild boar, deer, duck and gitaro game fowl). This nabe full of ingredients will warm you up from the core of your body.


You can also enjoy nabe (hot pot) made with plenty of local produce (e.g. Shinshu kashiwa nabe (nabe made with chicken) even on our standard course.



We serve standard Japanese-style breakfast.



Kiichi is homemade Japanese sake of doburoku. It has the flavor
of the countryside raised by the famous water of Kiso. It is easy to drink
and it has a refreshing taste. Please have a glass while sitting
around the irori (sunken fireplace). You will be able to enjoy
a luxurious moment you cannot normally experience.


We have lived in this place for generations in this 130-year old building. It is precisely because of this that you can experience the accumulation of history here. We make fire in the irori (sunken fireplace) using firewood. Therefore, the pillars and beams inside the building are dyed black with soot. It is cool in summer here. The building has also been constructed in such a way that you can overcome the harsh winter in Kiso once the winter season arrives. Please spend your time while experiencing with your five senses the traditional life that you can experience here.



The irori is like a Japanese fireplace. It is a distinctive facility where we take in warmth
in the cold season and make food. There was once an irori in every Japanese house.

囲炉裏写真 囲炉裏写真


We have two types of pure Japanese-style room. You will appreciate these because you can lie down in them anywhere.

客室写真 客室写真


This bath made with local specialty timber allows you to experience a different atmosphere again to tile baths.



One night with no meals From 5,940 yen
One night with breakfast From 7,020 yen
One night with two meals From 9,180 yen

※This is the rate for one guest if coming in a party of two.

※We charge a separate heating fee of 300 yen per guest during the winter period from November to April.

【Children’s Rates】

Elementary school child 75% of the adult rate
Infant (With meals and futon) 40% of the adult rate
Infant (Meals only) 30% of the adult rate
Infant (Futon only) 1,080 yen
Infant (No meals or futon) Free


Number of rooms 6 (All Japanese-style rooms)
Bathroom Linens and towels (Shared bathroom)
Parking Free
Heater Equipped
The internet Free!Wi-Fi throughout the hotel(Wireless LAN)Available:Free
Pets Pets not allowed
View Mountain view and garden view
Outdoors Barbeque facilities and garden

Minshuku Sawaguchi
5462 Ogawa, Agematsu-machi, Kiso-gun, Nagano,399-5607
TEL: +81(0)264-52-3422 / FAX: +81(0)264-52-3492
Check-in: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. / Check-out: Until 10 a.m.

※Please make sure to contact us if you will arrive after the check-in time of 6 p.m.

※The nearest station is Agematsu Station on the Tokai Railway (JR Tokai).
It takes about 50 minutes on foot from the station to our inn. Please ask because we will pick you up.